Set of 19 Paris Porcelain Hunt Plates

Louis XVIII Period Set of Nineteen Paris Porcelain Plates – 8 5/8″

made in France, circa 1815

Paintings attributed to Jacques Francois Joseph Swebach-Desfontaines, French artist, painter, and print maker for Sevres, and various Paris porcelain manufactories, as well as for the Royal Porcelain Manufactory, Moscow. Examples of his work can be seen in Paris and vicinity museums, including the Musees des Beaux-Arts of Lyon & Marseille and the Musee des Augustins De Toulouse; Reference: “Porcelaines de France Amile Tilmans, published by Hyperion, Paris 1953, color plate, page 149 and black & white plate page 279, related examples.

Finely painted with vistas and scenes of hunting interest within an English or American country setting. Varied depictions of hunters, mounted or with horse in tow, dogs and game in pursuit and chase or in combat – summer and winter. The rims with gilt bands and a frieze between of stylized flowers, shrubs and scrolled ornament.

(Not all plates pictured)

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